About us
Yaia Comunicaciones is a leading internet marketing company combining extensive consumer reach, innovative technologies, and superior content to provide advertisers, partners and affiliates with unique and effective marketing opportunities.

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Our Network
The Yaia Network is a leading network of more than 15 web sites providing more than 4 million unique monthly visitors with a compelling array of content. It’s also a permission-based marketing network providing more than 2 million subscribers and over 100 million monthly impressions.

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Interactive Marketing Products and Strategies
We offer a wide variety of standard and custom Internet marketing and consulting services for our advertising partners. Whether creating standard Web banners or specially designed content partnerships, we always start with the advertiser's goals and work backwards, integrating solutions for maximum ROI.

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A Receptive and Responsive Audience.
Unlike networks based around portals, where users come looking to spring off to another site, our sites are destination sites. Users come to relax, take a break, to learn, and share with a community. They're receptive to the right brand messages, and they've got the time and attention to entertain relevant and engaging offers.
Why market with Us?

As one of the most visited network on the Internet, Yaia Network attracts a highly engaged and dedicated audience that spans all demographic groups. Our advertising partners benefit from association with our superior content, innovative technology, and one of the largest distribution outlets available.
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