Why market with Yaia?

As one of the most visited networks on the Internet, Yaia Network attracts a highly engaged and dedicated audience that spans all demographic groups. Our advertising partners benefit from association with our superior content, innovative technology, and one of the largest distribution outlets available.

The Benefits of advertising with Yaia Network

  • Extensive Reach. Our network attracts 4 million unique visitors every month.

  • Expert Targeting. Our expertise in audience segmentation insures that your branding and advertising messages reach the most receptive users—both geographically and demographically—through the most appropriate channels.

  • Repeated Viewing. Our users return to our sites multiple times, often in the same day. This means your message will be seen over and over, delivering a deeper brand impression.

  • A Receptive and Responsive Audience. Unlike networks based around portals, where users come looking to spring off to another site, our sites are destination sites. Users come to relax, take a break, to learn, and share with a community. They're receptive to the right brand messages, and they've got the time and attention to entertain relevant and engaging offers.

  • Word-of-Mouth Marketing. We combine entertainment and communication, as tens of millions of people actively share our content with friends, family, and co-workers. As they share our content, they share your brand messages.

  • Turn-key Solutions. You can provide your own creative. Or, if you prefer, you can make a few simple decisions about the look and feel of the ad, then let Yaia do the rest. Our team of marketing experts and award-winning designers will create a campaign that delivers the maximum return on your advertising dollar.

  • Rich Media. We have a full range of popular rich media capabilities. From intelligent pop-unders to flash animation interstitials and pre-loaders, we know how to make our users pay attention to your offer.

Content that keeps users coming back
In the diverse online world where users have a multitude of destination options available, Yaia Network has been able to create the world's leading network for shareable digital entertainment. With our network of more than 30 sites, we appeal to all demographic groups—young and old, male and female, technically savvy and technical beginners.

The power of viral communications
The basic building blocks of our entertainment network are free shareable digital experiences lasting from ten seconds to five minutes. Whether it's a flash animation game or a greeting card, an inspirational message or a humorous cartoon, we reinforce our value to our users every day. We encourage and facilitate the sharing of content with family and friends with our simple share-a-page referral engine. In this way, we take advantage of viral marketing to bring in new users.

What sets us apart

  • The Top Entertainment Destination. Quite simply, we have set the standard for interactive entertainment. Users come to relax, take a break, learn, and share with an online community.

  • Trust. Our audience trusts our sites and newsletters because we have always had the utmost respect for their privacy. We have built out audience one email at a time—as one user encourages another to visit one of our sites and share our games, jokes, or cartoons, or join our groups.

  • Well-Known Brands. Our marquee sites like Ciberpostales.com present in Internet since 1997 as the first Greeting Cards site in spanish and Amigate.com are well established brands on the Web, and are destination sites that reach beyond their massive established audience to bring in new users every day through viral marketing and user referrals.

  • Top Partners. Our parters include leading advertisers and media clients.

  • Innovative Technology. Whether its flash animation for a game or greeting card, or back-end engineering for our virtual communities, we have mastered the technologies that make a difference on the Web.


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