Interactive Marketing Product and Strategies

We offer a wide variety of standard and custom Internet marketing and consulting services for our advertising partners. Whether creating standard Web banners or specially designed content partnerships, we always start with the advertiser's goals and work backwards, integrating solutions for maximum ROI. All of these strategies are available in both PPC and CPM advertising models.

Web-Based Marketing
  • Standard Placements: Intermix accepts a variety of ad types and sizes, including HTML and Flash banners, buttons, large rectangle, leader boards, and skyscrapers.

  • Pop-Ups/Pop-Unders: Dramatically increase response rates with these attention-grabbing ad placements. Conduct surveys, deliver leads, or collect opt-ins to populate a database.
Rich Media
  • Superstitials: Superstitials are interstitial Unicast commercials that seamlessly load while a visitor is surfing the site.

  • Eye-Blasters: Eye-blasters are out-of-banner rich media ads that deliver audio and video as they float across the Web page.

  • Interstitials: Up to ten seconds of animated branding messages that play while Flash content is loading.
Contextual Advertising

  • Newsletters. Embed your offer in targeted email campaigns going to appropriate audiences.

  • Keyword Searches. Post your offer in response to user searches for particular words or phrases on our search and portal sites.

  • Content Integration. Provide a contextual link within a creative image or content page. Permission-Based Marketing

  • Co-Registration: Acquire thousands of high quality opt-in or opt-out leads daily, from an audience specifically interested in your product or service.

  • Lead Generation: Capture detailed information with our hosted data collection forms with a fully branded look and feel. Tailor the forms to secure the information you need to know.

  • Referral Button: Created specifically for non-hosted lead generation requirements and cost-per-click advertising.

  • Email Marketing Lists: Reach key demographic groups via creative content sent directly to consumers.

  • Fun Page Reminders: Touch millions of subscribers opening email that recommends entertainment diversions and offers. Target by content and responsiveness.

  • List Development and Management: Receive help in building and managing a database of registrants interested in topical newsletters.

  • List Rental (subscriber list chart): Target hundreds of thousands of visitors who have opted-in to receive offers on subjects that interest them.

Custom Entertainment Marketing
In a world where consumers are swarmed by hundreds of advertising messages daily, getting the attention of your audience can be difficult. Integrating your advertising message into a Flash animation cartoon, game, or quiz, can be a great way to get users interested. With our unique experience in content development and marketing, our Flash animators, graphic designers, musicians, and other creative team members will design, develop, and distribute a campaign that guarantees to have your consumers wanting to know more. See advertising example.

Options include:

  • Advertainment: An integration of advertising messages in online content, games, or quizzes to promote goods and services.

  • Sponsorship: From fun pages created specifically for our partners to brand-based content to product placement in our most popular features to "ownership" of email newsletters, Intermix has the flexibility and creativity to design a sponsorship with maximum impact.

  • Custom Publishing: A complete, end-to-end email newsletter solution created, built, and delivered with Intermix expertise.

  • Contests: Intermix designs contests to increase customer awareness and build prospect databases. We promote the contest to the targeted audience and handle everything from rules to fulfillment.

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